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NEW Short Hair Creations


We have a brand new collection of short haircut creations for you to enjoy, and there are some amazing styles in here. Not only that, but we’ve also added a new category called “Art in Haircuts” where we’ll be showcasing some incredible pieces of art that were created on people’s heads. Check out these incredible designs!

Beautiful Hair Creations

Hair color is a form of art. It can be used to express yourself and your mood, but it is not permanent. Hair color can also be changed; this allows you to express another side of yourself or make adjustments based on your mood or style.

While we all want our hair to look beautiful, it’s important that we remember that what makes us happy may not make someone else happy—or even ourselves! That’s why it’s important to be honest with yourself about both how much time you want to put into styling your hair and whether or not the style suits the person inside.

Styled by my Bro

When you’re styling short hair, it’s important to use a model head. Model heads are great for experimenting with different styles because they don’t require any of those pesky water or shampooing sessions. They also work well when you’re trying out new products and styles, since they don’t have any hair to get in the way. When you’re ready to purchase a model head, make sure that it’s made of plastic (not porcelain). This will allow you to see exactly how much product you’re using on your client’s actual scalp without worrying about damaging her real hair. If your model head has an adjustable neck and chin, this can be very useful when simulating various angles of view in order to create more natural-looking photographs of your finished look!

Now that we’ve covered why we love using model heads here at [“Styled by my Bro”]. Let me tell y’all what y’all need: A 1/4 inch flat iron; two large bobby pins; two small bobby pins; 1/3 oz volumizing mousse; 1 oz volumizing hairspray; 2 scrunches

Art in Haircuts

When you’re a stylist, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. You can create any look you want and make it work for your client. If there’s something they want that they aren’t sure how to get, or if there’s something that you think would be amazing on them but they aren’t too sure about it, don’t be afraid to use your imagination! You have the ability to give them exactly what they want with your hair artistry skills.

When styling a new haircut for someone, I always start by asking them what their vision is for their hair so that I can make sure my end result matches up with their expectations. If their dream look involves having bright colors in their hair and no one else has been able to achieve this yet without damaging it (or without charging an arm and a leg), then go for it! Do whatever needs done so that both parties will be happy with the end results. After all, this isn’t just about personal satisfaction; we’re also here because we care deeply about making others feel beautiful! That being said however…

1st time using model head

This is the first time I’ve used a model head to practice new techniques. Using the model head has helped me learn how to cut hair and it’s also given me an opportunity to experiment with new looks before trying them on my own clients.

Only book outside stylist if they are trained in creative coloring.

If you’re thinking about getting a new hair style, ask your stylist if they are trained in creative coloring. You may want someone who uses a razor to create some edgy layers, but only let them use that tool if they know what they’re doing. Also, don’t let anyone cut your hair unless they have the right training and certification.

The right tools will make you better.

There are a few things you need to do in order to have the best drafting experience. The first thing you need to pay attention to is your tools. You can’t expect your hair creations to turn out amazing if all of your tools are old and broken, or if they don’t fit each other well. It’s important that you use the right tool for the job, so it’s important that you know what kind of job needs doing before buying any implements!

I recommend starting with just one sharpener—one good knife will serve most purposes well enough, as long as it doesn’t dull too quickly—and then adding more once you find yourself needing them. For example: If I want something smooth and straight but also firm enough not break under pressure without being heavy handed (which is hard), I might opt for a box cutter instead of scissors because they’re sharper than normal blades while still being lightweight enough so my hands never get tired holding them up while working on an intricate haircut design (it takes longer than most people think).

Train as a stylist and get your license, then learn on your own.

Certification programs can be found at a variety of different institutions, including community colleges and universities. A certification typically involves taking several classes and passing an exam to receive your license or certificate.

Apprenticeships are when you work under the supervision of a licensed stylist for a set period of time (usually three to five years), often with the goal of becoming that person’s assistant once you complete your apprenticeship.

An internship is basically like an apprenticeship, but it takes place at a salon or barbershop instead of in private practice. The idea with internships is that they provide real-world experience for students without requiring them to pay tuition fees or get licensed before entering the workforce; however, not all states allow interns who are not licensed professionals yet—and even if they do, many employers require licenses anyway!


So, there you have it. The most important things in the world of hair are your creativity and your passion for making people look and feel good about themselves. If you have those two things, then everything else will fall into place!