12x New Bob-Styles Creations To Love!

Are you looking for a new hairstyle? Are you tired of the same old bob? Well, if so, we have the perfect solution: pixies! Pixies were all over the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet and they’ve been popping up everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest. This year’s hottest trend is a short haircut with a long fringe that falls over one eye—no matter what your hair type is! These 12 new styles will inspire you to rock this trendy look.
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A Pixie With a Bang

A pixie with a bang is the perfect look for women with round faces. This cut can make your face look longer and more angular, which can help to slim down the roundness of your cheeks. It also makes you appear younger by adding some extra volume to the top of your head.

If you have fine hair (or even if you don’t), this style will work well for you as there isn’t much bulk at all.

2. A Shaved Side Part

A shaved side part is a great way to update your look and add some edge.

The shaved sides are a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style, but adding a side part can take it from old-fashioned to modern and chic in an instant!

It’s perfect for those who want to try something new with their hair but aren’t sure where exactly they should start.

3. A Choppy Lob

A choppy lob is a great way to show off your pixie cut. It’s also one of the most versatile haircuts for short hair, as it can be worn with or without bangs (and even in between). The best thing about this style is that it adds texture and volume to fine hair, making it look fuller without any effort at all!

4. An Undercut with Bangs

If you have fine hair and are looking for a style that will make your strands look thicker, an undercut with bangs is the way to go. The short sides and long top create a frame around your face, which helps draw attention away from any areas where you may be lacking in volume. If you want to try this look but aren’t sure about getting bangs or cutting your own hair (or if you’re afraid of making it too short), ask the stylist at your local salon if he or she can do an undercut with just one side shaved.

5. A Classic Cut With Long Layers

If you have fine hair and want to add volume, then the classic bob is a great option for you. In addition to helping with volume, long layers are also a great way to add movement and texture to fine hair. The best part about this style is that there are so many ways you can style it! For example, if you’re going out on the town with friends and want something more formal than your usual look but still want those beautiful long layers showing off their fullness (and maybe even some highlights), try curling all of your hair into loose waves with an iron instead of just sweeping everything back into a low ponytail like usual. If you’re feeling more casual at home watching TV or doing chores around the house but still want some definition in your locks without having them stick straight up from being too styled down all day long then go ahead and pin back only half of each side behind one ear while leaving some unruly bangs hanging down over top those ears too–they’ll look cute enough without being distracting from whatever else might be happening around them!

6. An Asymmetrical Look for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, an asymmetrical cut might be the way to go. Asymmetry is a great way to show off your personality and add texture and volume to your look.

It’s important to find a stylist who understands how to work with your specific type of hair. It can be difficult for fine-haired people because they tend to have a narrower range in which they can style their locks without looking too flat or greasy on one side versus another; this makes getting an even trim harder than it sounds!

7. The Classic Pageboy Hairstyle with Bangs

The classic pageboy hairstyle with bangs is a classic look that can be worn any season. The bangs can be straight, wavy or curly and can be long or short. This style works well for those who want to wear their hair up but still want some face-framing layers around the face.

8. Half-Up Lob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you’re a fan of the lob hairstyle, but don’t want to give up on your fine hair, there are still plenty of ways to style it. Here are some tips for making sure that your lob looks as good as possible:

Use volumizing products. Volumizing products will help add volume and thickness to your strands without weighing them down or making them look greasy. Try dry shampoo (like this one), mousse or root lifters like the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray in Medium Hold ($44).

Curl at the ends of your hair with irons instead of flat ironing them straight across–this will give more texture than straightening would while still keeping things smooth enough that they won’t stick up in awkward places like cowlicks do!

Use heat protectant before applying any heat tool (flat iron/curling iron) so that damage is minimized over time!

9. Textured Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

The textured pixie is a great look for fine hair. The short length of this cut helps to give it volume, while the texture adds interest and depth.

Even if you’re blessed with thick locks, it’s important to consider how your hair type will respond to this style–and what kind of products would work best for you. If your strands are naturally curly or wavy (or even straight), then going shorter may not be the best option unless they’re really healthy and in good condition.

If that’s the case, try using some products like mousse or texturizing spray before blowdrying so that when they dry out they’ll hold their shape better than usual because of all those natural curls/waves! Also try curling iron techniques like waves or loose curls around your face for extra volume if needed!

10. Short Sleek Bob for Fine Hair with Waves and Layers

If you have fine hair, then the short sleek bob with waves and layers is the perfect haircut for you. The best thing about this cut is that it can be styled in many ways. You can wear it straight, wavy or curly depending on your mood! If you don’t want to worry about styling your hair every day, then this look is for you because it only takes a few minutes to get ready in the morning.

This hairstyle works well with fine hair because of its shape; it’s rounded at the bottom which allows air flow around the face so there isn’t any buildup under the strands causing frizziness (and no one wants that). This style also helps add volume by having layers added throughout each section of hair so they bounce around while also giving off lots of shine due to its shininess factor as well!

11. Long Layered Crop for Fine Hair in Ponytail Braids! the Low Maintenance Look You’ve Been Looking For!

This look is perfect for women with fine hair who are looking for a low-maintenance style. It’s also great if you have some natural texture in your locks and want to show it off!

How To Get The Look:

Apply a heat protectant spray to damp hair, then blow dry using a round brush (or air dry, if possible). Make sure that all ends are smooth and sleek before moving on.

Take two sections of one inch long pieces from either side of the crown area and twist them together into one section by crossing them over each other at the bottom of their respective pieces like so:

3 . Place this twisted section behind your ears as shown below: 4 . Repeat steps 2-3 on both sides until all pieces have been used up or combined into one big twisty ponytail! 5 . Secure with bobby pins as necessary; add some extra ones under here too since this part tends to fall out easily due to its weightlessness compared with everything above where gravity pulls heavier things down more strongly than lighter ones like these braided tails do not weigh enough yet still need additional support…

There are so many ways to have fun with your pixie cut!

The pixie cut is a classic and versatile haircut. There are many variations on the pixie, including the asymmetrical pixie (which is often paired with bangs), the side swept pixie, and even a shaggy version where you can get extra volume by adding layers at your roots.

The best part? You can style it in so many ways! Whether you want to wear your hair up or down–or somewhere in between–we’ve got all kinds of ideas for how to work this look into your everyday routine.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup of pixie cuts! Which one was your favorite? Comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.