Crisp Wispy Bob The cute wispy bob with lots of fine hair

There’s a hill in my neighborhood that overlooks the city. It’s not big enough to be a mountain, but it’s definitely big enough to have a great view. I love sitting on its grassy slope in summer when it’s warm enough for bare legs and flip-flops, or winter when I’m bundled up against the cold but still want to see what the world looks like from above. Whether you’re planning your wedding day or just hoping to feel like one of those fancy brides at some point in your life, this blog post will help you get started down your path!
Crisp Wispy Bob The cute wispy bob with lots of fine hair tucked behind the ears can have a youthful and edgy appearance, especially when it’s done in a chic white-blonde hair color!?
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Braided Ponytail


Start with clean, dry hair and part it down the middle of your head.

Separate the front section into two parts, then begin braiding each side in an upward motion until you reach the crown of your head (this is where you’ll want to make sure that the braid is tight enough).

Secure with elastic thread or a bobby pin if necessary; then repeat steps 1-2 on other side of head until all sections are braided into two separate plaits/ponytails (or three if you’re going for fullness!).

Braid Crown

Braid crown is a great way to get a braided hairstyle that is easy to do and looks elegant. You can opt for any length of your hair and even add different colors to make it stand out.

If you want to try this look, follow the steps below:

Divide your hair into three sections; two on each side of your head and one at the back of your head (in case you have long hair).

Start with the middle section of your hair by taking two pieces from each side and bringing them forward towards each other in front of your face before pulling them back again behind their starting point. Repeat this until all four pieces are braided together into one large braid which goes all around your head like a crown shape!

Faux Locs

To create faux locs, you’ll need:

Hair product (we used SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque)

A rat tail comb (or any wide-toothed comb)

Bobby pins/hair elastics

Top Knot with Braids

To create a high or low ponytail, start by sectioning off the top portion of your hair. Then, secure it in place with an elastic band. You can either braid all of your hair together into one long braid or split it into two separate braids (for example: one for each side).

Once you’ve secured the ends under the elastic band, pull them out and wrap them around themselves to create an infinity symbol shape at the base of your head. Pin this down with bobby pins until it’s secure enough not to move around too much during dancing or walking down stairs! Now all that’s left is styling–but don’t worry about that just yet!

Side Braid Bun

To do this style, you’ll need to start with freshly washed hair (if it’s dirty or greasy, that can affect the way your bun looks). You’ll also want to use a curling iron on low heat and wrap small sections of hair around it. If you have long hair that reaches past your shoulders, then this may be too much work for you; try another look instead!

Once you’ve curled all of your locks into soft waves, gather them together at the nape of your neck and secure them with either bobby pins or hairspray (it helps if they’re already fastened together). Then take two sections from either side of this main chunk–one on each side–and twist them together in an S shape until they meet up with each other at the base of where they were originally joined together at their tops; pin these pieces into place as well as possible before moving onto step three: bringing back another smaller section from each side again but only about half as much so now we’re talking about maybe just three inches wide instead four inches wide like before which means shorter length overall? It doesn’t matter because we’re going backwards now anyway so just make sure no one sees what’s happening here because otherwise there might be questions asked later when nobody wants answers anymore…

Great wedding hair doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to achieve great wedding hair. All you need is the right tools, an idea of what you want, and the willingness to experiment. At its core, wedding hair doesn’t have to be complicated–it can be simple and elegant or fun and creative (or both!). You can even combine these elements in one look if that’s what works for you.

The key here is not overthinking it; if your goal is simply “beautiful” then it’s hard not to succeed with this look.


The key to great wedding hair is keeping it simple. You don’t have time to fuss over your look, so it’s best to choose something that can be worn quickly and easily. The braided ponytail is perfect for this–it only takes a few minutes to put together and looks amazing! If you don’t have time for all those braids but still want something cute on top of your head, try out our faux locs or top knot with braids styles instead.