12x NEW Super Trendy Hairstyles!

The trendy hairstyles are perfect for a night out on the town or work. You can get these styles for yourself by looking at these pictures of hairstyles or watch tutorials on YouTube. Have fun!
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If you’re looking for a stylish new look, the slicked back hairstyle is a great place to start. The sleek style is flattering on all face shapes and can be worn with any outfit–from jeans and a t-shirt to a suit and tie. To get this look:

Use pomade or gel to slick hair back from your forehead, sides of your head and at the nape of your neck (where it meets the top of your collar). You’ll want some volume near the crown area so that it doesn’t look too flat against your scalp!

For extra hold, try using hairspray before applying product if needed!

Curly Hair

Curly hair is a great way to express your personality. You can try different hairstyles with curly hair and look fabulous at any occasion. Curly hair styles can be achieved at home, without the need for a professional stylist or expensive products.

Messy Hairstyles

Messy hairstyles are still in style, and they’re perfect for any hair type. You can do messy hair on long or short hair, thin or thick, curly or straight–the options are endless! Messy hairstyles are also easy to do yourself. All you need is some product (a little bit goes a long way), a brush and some patience.

Undercut + Slick Back

The undercut + slick back is a combination of two hairstyles that have been trending for quite some time. The first step to achieving this look is getting an undercut and slicking your hair back with pomade or gel. To style your hair, apply a styling cream to damp hair and blow dry it using a round brush. Then, use a comb or brush to create volume at the top of your head before sweeping all of your locks over one side in order to create the slicked back look!

To maintain this style, use hairspray when needed (we recommend using a hard hold product). You can also add texturizing paste to give more volume if needed!

Tousled Texture & Soft Color

A soft color and tousled texture are just what you need to look fresh and relaxed. This style is great with a tan, as it will accentuate your skin tone. If you don’t have time for a trip to the salon, try doing this at home! It’s easy enough that even beginners will be able to master it in no time at all. This look will last for about a week or two after application–perfect if you’re going on vacation!

Braided Crown Braid Hairstyle Tutorial!

Braided Crown Braid Hairstyle Tutorial!

Who’s it for? This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to add a little extra flair to their hair, but don’t want something too over-the-top. It looks great with any face shape, and can be worn by both men and women.

How long does it take to do? The braiding process will take you around 15 minutes if you have shorter hair. If you have longer strands, expect the process to take closer to 30 minutes (or even more).

What tools do I need? You’ll need two large barrettes/bobby pins (one for each side), as well as some hairspray or gel in case things get messy during styling!

High Ponytail + Twisted Braid Updo | Kylie Jenner Inspired Hairstyle!

To style this look, start by gathering your hair into a ponytail. Then twist the ponytail around itself and bring it over your head. Secure with a hair tie and add another braid! Pin in place for extra security if needed.

These trendy hairstyles are great for a night out on the town or work.

You can find trendy hairstyles in a variety of styles, from short to long and everything in between.

Some of these trendy hairstyles are great for a night out on the town or work.

These trendy hairstyles are easy to do at home and maintain as well!


We hope you enjoyed the list of trendy hairstyles. If you have any questions about any of these styles, please leave us a comment below! We would love to hear from you and help answer any questions.