NEW Trendy Grey Pixie Styles

If you’re sick of hearing that your gray hair is “so beautiful,” then I have good news: it’s time to shake things up! While many women (and men) choose to adopt a more natural, low-maintenance look when their hair begins to turn, others prefer to keep up with the latest trends. And there are plenty of those that work just as well on grey hair as they do with any other hue. I’m talking about pixie cuts! Whether you want something edgy or clean-cut, there are plenty of trendy styles out there for anyone who wants them.
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Pixie Cut with Curls

This is a great hairstyle for grey hair. The pixie cut is an easy-to-manage short haircut that works well on round faces, and the curls add volume and texture to give your look more dimension. This style can be styled in many different ways; try braiding it back or letting it hang loose around your face.

Sleek Pixie Cut with Bangs

Bangs are a great way to add shape to your face and make it look more flattering. But if you’re not sure how to cut them, or if you want to try something different than what you’ve had before, this is the guide for you!

Cut Your Own Bangs: You can use a hair trimmer or scissors (or both) to trim your bangs at home. If it’s been awhile since your last trim and they’re looking especially shaggy, trimming them down first will make it easier for you as well as less painful–and let’s be honest here; nobody wants their head sliced open with sharp objects while trying something new! Then just use small sections of hair at a time and snip away until they’re even across both sides of your forehead from ear-to-ear with no gaps between each strand of hair left behind after cutting off those pesky split ends.*

Get Professionally Trimmed: If this sounds like too much work for now but still want some freshness around those baby blues then consider getting trimmed professionally by one of our stylists instead – we promise not even an inch will be missed during this appointment because trust us when we say these guys know exactly what works best when dealing with short hairstyles such as yours!”

Pixie Cut with Textured Top

To style a textured top, you’ll want to use products that give the hair volume and hold. A good volumizing mousse or volumizing spray is key here, as well as a hairspray with some hold (but not too much).

If your pixie cut has been curled or styled in any way, it’s best to let it air-dry before applying products. If there are any tangles or knots in your hair after washing, gently brush them out using a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush–this will prevent unnecessary breakage when styling later on!

Platinum Pixie Cut

Platinum Pixie Cut

This is a great hairstyle for those who want to try something new and different. The platinum pixie cut is perfect for people with grey or silver hair, as it brings out their natural color while still giving off an edgy vibe. It’s also easy to maintain, which means you won’t have to worry about spending hours in front of the mirror trying to get your hair just right every day!

Blonde Pixie Haircut with Waves

This blonde pixie haircut has a slight wave to it, which gives this style a more romantic feel. The bangs are cut to be side swept and slightly shorter than the rest of the hair, making this look perfect for those who want something a little less severe than a straight across fringe.

The blonde highlights give the whole thing some extra sparkle too!

Choppy Pixie Cut

This style is for those who want to try something different. The short, choppy layers are a nice change from the traditional pixie cut and give it an edgy look that’ll have you looking like a rock star in no time!

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, this style will work best as it will help accentuate your natural texture. If you have straight hair and want to go for this look then we recommend layering with a curling iron before cutting so that the ends curl up naturally when cut shorter.

This style can be worn with either side partings or center parts depending on which one suits your face shape best!

Messy Side Parted Pixie Haircut

If you’re looking for a short, stylish haircut that’s both trendy and easy to maintain, then this may be the right style for you. The messy side part is a great way of showing off your new grey hair color while making sure it still looks natural at the same time.

If you have curly hair then this style will work well with it as it gives movement and texture which works well with curls rather than straightening them out or making them look lifeless like some other styles might do!

Asymmetrical Cut Hairstyle for Grey Hair

One of the best things about asymmetrical haircuts is that they can be easily adapted to any type of hair. If you have grey hair, go for an asymmetrical cut with layers and bangs along with color that matches your skin tone. This will give your face a soft and feminine look while also making sure that the length isn’t too short or long.

Asymmetry is good for grey hairstyles because it helps balance out the boldness of this hue by creating an interesting shape around your face. Even if a person doesn’t want to dye their locks completely grey–and many don’t–it’s still important to keep up with regular trims so that there are no awkward lengths sticking out from their head like blades of grass on a lawn (unless this is actually what they’re going for).

Try using a good quality conditioner when washing your hair instead of shampooing every day; this will help keep all those lovely silver strands soft as silk! You might also consider skipping blow drying altogether; let nature do its thing instead! If possible try combing through wet tresses using fingers rather than brushes; brushing wet strands tends lead them into tangles which could end up costing time later down road when trying detangle each strand individually while trying not get frustrated enough

Grey hairstyles are awesome!

Grey hair is a beautiful and trendy way to express yourself. Grey hairstyles are versatile, and they’re a great way for you to show off your personality. Grey hair is also a fantastic way for you to show off your individuality!

Grey hairstyles are so popular because they’re so stylish, but also because they look good on everyone–no matter what their skin tone or natural coloring may be like. You can choose from any number of different grey shades when deciding which one works best for you: platinum blonde or ash brown? Auburn red or deep espresso brown? Whatever shade strikes your fancy, there’s almost certainly going to be something out there that will work well with it!


Grey hair is a great way to express your individuality and add some spice to your look. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these 20 trendy grey pixie styles!